The benefits of a Jump Start.

Montana Tech and Highlands College have options in both dual enrollment courses and career pathways programs that are designed to prepare a student for a better future. With high school students in mind, we have tried to provide future education savings, preparation and a variety of choices for multiple interests.


The courses taken as part of the dual enrollment program are 50% off regular tuition rates at Highlands College of Montana Tech. By taking advantage of this program, your student can potentially save thousands of dollars in future college costs. Find out more about the costs of the dual enrollment program.


The transition from high school to college is an exciting and stressful time for your student. Help reduce some of the stress by providing them the opportunity to become familiar with the competitive world of college academia.


We offer courses for a broad range of interests and passions. Your student can explore who and what they may want to be through our dual enrollment courses and the Big Sky Pathways options.